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안녕하세요! Annyeong!


The Sino-Korean word or Hanja for “안녕” (Annyeong) is 安寧 which means “peace”.

So this quintessential Korean greeting is wishing you peace at heart.


Hanok = 한옥 = 韩屋 = Korean House

We are a Korean Language school based in Singapore. We set up this online store to help students learn the Korean Language in a fun, effective and interactive way using our self-made materials.


About HANOK Korean Language School

Established in 2010, HANOK Korean Language School has provided over a thousand students a refreshing way to learn how to read, write and speak Korean. With experience from teaching at NUS Extension, Cambridge Institute, Polytechnic, various corporations and more, we have created a syllabus that is suited for the local students in Singapore as existing textbooks are more targeted at students in Korea. Our modified syllabus emphasises on what is most necessary for students outside Korea with engaging, fun and easy-to-follow classes for a great learning experience.


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